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 Austin                                                                                    Cuts and shaves at S & G Classic Barbershop is what I do.  I have been a barber for years. Line ups, fades, beard trims, straight razor shaves and edge ups, no problem. 

 Joe                                                                                                   Hi I am Joe, a barber at S & G Classic Barbershop. Originally  from Bayport, NY. I've been living in Colorado for several years and love it. I went to barber school in Kansas City and have been barbering for many years. I prefer doing shorter cuts and styles, fades, tapers and straight razor shaves. When not cutting hair you can find me at the gym, or on my thirty year old Nishiki road bike.

Carrie                                                                                       Hello, I'm Carrie. I have been a practicing barber for twelve years and I really enjoy it.  I do all aspects of men's clipper cutting. I excel at beard trims and love to do straight razor shaves. It is becoming a lost art and I am happy to do my part to bring this service back into style. I am proud to be a part of this excellent team of traditional barbers. I look forward to meeting you!

Keyton                                                                                  Hey, I'm Keyton. Originally from upstate New York I am a new resident to Colorado and am loving every minute here. I am a classic barber, trained in edge-ups, fades, high and tights, any type of clipper cut on all hair types. I've got this down. I also do straight razor shaves. I am the newest addition to this great group, so come in and see me at S & G Classic!                                                          

Hello I'm Fred. My wife Kate and I started Silver & Gold Barbers and Stylists in 1959, and I have opened the shop every morning since. I "retired" in the late 1980's, but still spend half a day in the shop greeting people and cutting a few of my original customers hair, not to mention their children, grandchildren, and in some cases, great-grandchildren. Quality work and good customer service have always been our standard. My wife and I take pride in maintaining a good, professional staff that is able to do all types of haircuts. We thank the people of Boulder, the University of Colorado, and the ROTC for their support throughout the years. We hope you will become a part of our long standing Boulder tradition.

Fred Saiz 1/13/1919 - 9/26/2015  RIP 

Laurie                                                                                          Hi, I'm Laurie Saiz Parks owner of Silver & Gold Barbers and Stylists, and our latest addition S & G Classic Barbershop. I am aslo the daughter of the founders of Silver & Gold, Fred and Kate Saiz. Born and raised in Boulder, I began my career at Silver & Gold in 1982, and love it more with each passing year. I enjoy women's cutting and styling, having spent several years in a Washington, DC. salon, I had the opportunity to learn from some of the best. I am also a colorist. It is my belief that hair color should enhance a women's natural color shade or skin tone while keeping the hair in a healthy condition. I do like getting creative with extreme, vibrant shades, violets, blues, reds and greens. Men's hair cutting and styling is my first love, having literally grown up in the barbershop. I love the look of a classic tapered cut, blending low or high fades. I believe barbering is a true art and I have a passion for it. Throughout the years I have noticed that clients often want a new look, but are nervous about making the change. Guiding them through the process, finding a look that is stylish, yet fits their personality and lifestyle is my forte. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have been a part of this business and the Boulder community throughout the years. I look forward to continuing our tradition of friendship and quality service with you and your family.

Fawn                                                                          Hi I'm Fawn. I have been a hairstylist for over twenty years and have been at Silver & Gold for well over half my career. I have grown up with Fred, Laurie, and Katie. They are like my family, and I have learned so much working here! I specialize in men's cuts and styles, and pride myself on my ability to understand a client's wishes, while offering suggestions as to style and the use of product. I excel at men's scissor cuts and fades, and the ability to smoothy blend any length or hair texture. I look forward to many more years with Silver & Gold and giving you a great experience when you visit our shop.

Patti                                                                                                    Hi, I'm Patti. I became a hairstylist in 1990. I started working on the Hill shortly after. I joined the team at Silver & Gold in 2015, and enjoy it every day. Having owned my own shop for over twenty years, my expertise lies in men's cutting and styling.  "One secret to happiness is a great haircut."

Sarah                                                                                 Hello, I'm Sarah. I have been a stylists for several years and am salon trained. I am a specialist in hair coloring and highlighting. Too often highlights look streaked and unnatural. My expertice lies in blending colors and techniques to create a natural, healthy vibrant look to the hair. I love the barber/salon atmosphere at Silver & Gold and really enjoy the diversity of clientele we have in the shop. My primary focus is on women's cutting and styling, but I also have many male clients with a wide variety of hairstyles. Stop in and see me, there is no charge for a color consultaion and I would love to color your world!                                                                                                                                   Juan                                                                                                    Hey,  I'm Juan. I've been a licensed barber for about four years now, but I actually started cutting hair when I was only twelve. I began by cutting family and friends and then decided to make it official, so I guess that really makes it twelve years! I am a traditional barber, straight-razor shaves, fades, edge-ups, you name it. If your cut calls for a clipper, or straight razor, I've got it down. I also do men's scissor cuts, no problem. I'm new to the shop, and I am really excited to be a part of such a great group and in a shop with years of Boulder history and a great reputation behind it. Looking forward to meeting you, and continuing the traditon of quality work and good customer service at Silver & Gold.

Liz                                                                                    Hi, I have been a licensed barber for twenty years. I can do straight razor shaves, tapers, scissor cuts, straight razor fades, on all hair types. Having been in the business for many years, you name it, I can do it. I am originally from Southern Colorado and came to Silver & Gold after having managed a busy men's shop in Arvada for several years. As much as I loved it, change is good, and working on The Hill in Boulder couldn't be more fun! Besides men's cutting, my other passion is music. I am a guitarist and vocalist and most weekends can be found with one of my bands playing in the Denver area. I am very excited to be at Silver & Gold and hope to see you soon!